Mental Nourishment Series

Soort cursus:

The Mental Nourishment Seminars are an ongoing series of educational seminars in which we attempt to close the gap between educational research and educational practice.

  • Doelgroep

    The Mental Nourishment Seminars are aimed at all faculty who are involved or interested in health professions education and/or in educational research. Others who are interested (including students) are also more than welcome to attend.


    The primary goals of the Mental Nourishment Seminars are to learn from each other, to exchange experiences, ideas, and views and to relate research outcomes to educational practice and vice versa.

  • Programma

    Mental Nourishment Seminars are informal and discussion-oriented in nature. They usually consist of an interactive presentation by an expert, followed by an exchange of ideas and experiences and/or by a plenary discussion. Seminars are generally in English and last one hour.

    Mental Nourishment Seminars are presented online.


    The Mental Nourishment Seminar series are organized by The Lifelong Learning, Education & Assessment Research Network (LEARN) and the Faculty Development Task group of the Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training (WIOO).

  • Toelating

    1. You can register for the seminars in UMCG LMS
    2. Follow the instruction in UMCG LMS
    3. Register for the seminar of your choice at 'Onderdelen/Events'


    Attending Mental Nourishment Seminars is free of charge.

  • Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training Taskgroup Faculty Development UMCG
    (e) [email protected]

    Around 5 of 6 Mental Nourishment Seminars are organized every year. Please check the LMS (soon to come) for upcoming seminars. If you would like to receive updates about upcoming Mental Nourishment Seminars, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list