International Course ‘Infant Motor Profile’ (IMP) - Physical Course

Soort cursus:

The Infant Motor Profile (IMP) is an instrument to assess motor development in infancy. It is a video-based assessment for infants aged 3 to 18 months, or rather until the age of walking independently for a few months. It is based on a video of about 15 minutes of spontaneous motor behaviour in supine, prone, sitting, standing, walking and during reaching and grasping – depending on the age of the infant. The IMP does not only include information about the infant’s motor achievement but also information about the way in which the infant accomplishes his/her achievements. The qualitative aspects of the assessment are based on the principles of the Neuronal Group Selection Theory (NGST). This means that key parameters in IMP assessment are the size of the infant’s motor repertoire (sufficiently variable or not; 25 items) and the infant’s ability to make an adaptive selection out of his/her repertoire (15 items). Other domains are performance (23 items), symmetry (10 items) and fluency (7 items). Studies indicate that the IMP is an instrument with good reliability and promising validity.

  • Doelgroep

    (Paediatric) physiotherapists, occupational therapists, paediatricians, neonatologists, paediatric neurologists and paediatric physiatrists


    Study load: The number of contact hours (2 days) is 12, the number of self-study hours is 20 (study the articles and practice with the Manual). At the end of day two there is a final test session. Participants receive a certificate.

  • Programma

    The course starts with the theoretical background of the IMP. Thereafter ample time will be devoted to practice, mostly on the basis of existing video recordings, but also on the basis of newly made video recordings.

    Day 1
    08.45     Welcome and registration
    09.15     Program
    10.45     Coffee break 
    11.05     Program
    12.15     Lunch 
    13.15     Program 
    17.00     End day 1

    Day 2
    08.45     Welcome and registration
    09.15     Program
    10.45     Coffee break
    11.05     Program
    12.15     Lunch
    13.15     Program    
    16.00     Test

    The course will be held at the University Medical Center Groningen, Hanzeplein 1, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2nd floor, Education Center “Onderwijscentrum”.


    At the end of day two there is a final test session.


    Kirsten Heineman, MD, PhD


    CME: Continuing Medical Education credits will be organized for professionals belonging to the Koninklijk Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie.


    Wenckebach Instituut for Education and Training in cooperation with the department developmental neurology of the University Medical Center Groningen

  • Kosten

    The registration fee is € 400,- per person (with book) or € 365,- (without book). This price includes coffee, tea, lunches, manual and a reader. Costs may be subject to change.

    To prepare for the course, you should read the first chapters of the IMP manual. The price of participation includes the book, if you want to order it yourself you will receive a 35 euro discount on the price of participation.


    Are you interested in participating in the next edition of this course? Send an e-mail to: [email protected] and we will inform you as soon as you can register.

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