Draft DMP Review

live workshop
live workshop
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An effective Data Management Plan will help you in making your data FAIR. It will also serve as a blueprint for all data in the project, not only now, but also following completion of the study. The better the plan, the more likely it will be that your research will run smoothly (through good organization, storage, coding, clear documentation, etc.)  and the higher the impact your data can have (e.g. for (re-)use, collaborations, citations) in the future. This workshop is designed to give you suggestions about how you can improve your plan, to make you aware of items that are missing, and to help answer questions you may have about your plan (0.1 ECT for GSMS PhD-candidates).

  • Doelgroep

    GSMS PhD-students and beginning researchers* in the UMCG

    (*This workshop is not limited to PhD-students and beginning researchers. More experienced researchers and research support staff involved in scientific research in the UMCG are also welcome to register. However, please be aware that this workshop has been designed for PhDs and beginning researchers.


    The workshop is expected to be a highly interactive platform where you and a fellow researcher will review each other’s DMPs.  With the aid of a handout, you will provide each other with suggestions about missing details and contemplate/discuss possible solutions to each other’s questions. Data Stewards from the UMCG Digital Competence Center will be present to answer your questions and facilitate central discussions.  

    1.    You have completed the RDM Awareness e-learning module in LMS
    2.    You drafted a DMP and e-mailed this to [email protected] at least 8 days prior to the workshop with “Draft DMP for workshop on dd-mm-yyyy” in the subject heading. 


    Venue within the UMCG: 1,5 hours 

  • Kosten

    Participation is free of charge.

  • Jitka Vavra
    (e) [email protected]

    If Jitka is not available for any reason, please contact [email protected] with the subject “Draft DMP Review”.