Direct Anterior Restoration: Composite Madness

A synergistic approach to aesthetic rehabilitation with life hacks and tricks
A synergistic approach to aesthetic rehabilitation with life hacks and tricks
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    Let op: deze cursus betreft een samenwerking tussen Dentsply Sirona en het Centrum voor Tandheelkunde en Mondzorgkunde. Het CTM is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van de cursus. De voertaal van deze cursus is Engels en er wordt gewerkt met Ceram-X composiet
    van Dentsply Sirona.

    Building a front element “naturally” with composite
    Direct composite Anterior Restorations have been widely used in dentistry. Despite their potential for success with pleasing and swift results, composite resin materials available today are extraordinary systems, which have yet not been generally employed to its full potential.  Complicated, unsuitable or outdated techniques and aggressive tooth preparations have prevented composites to reach its ultimate scope, the synergistic capacity of preserving tooth structure; notably that of enamel, which - on its turn - will help increase the longevity of the restoration. Composites have the remarkable potential for replacing dentin and supporting undermined enamel structure.  The author will present a simplified albeit comprehensive and highly aesthetic technique for the optimal handling of dental composites with effortless adaptation and contouring.  Useful tips and tricks as well as the easy development of correct and natural dental anatomy will be proposed achieving excellence thought morphological and functional references.  All these steps will culminate in a minimized finishing and occlusal adjustment, maximizing the fun in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.  This presentation aims to introduce new techniques and concepts to help consistently obtain an excellent, predictable and long-lasting restoration, which will culminate in a successful and economical treatment... and a happy patient.


    Learning Objectives:
    • Indication and potential of the technique. What can be done with composites?
    • Material Selection. Choosing the right composite.
    • Application Techniques. The optimal handling of dental composites.
    • Tooth Morphology applied to the anterior segment.
    • Light, translucency and color
    • Form and texture to optimize color blending.
    • The slow-speed technique with diamond burs.
    • Safeguards. Repairing and glazing as a safety measure.
    • Finishing and polishing. Polishing it the “nice and easy” way.
    • Using stains and tints like a pro
    • Fast and easy polishing
    • Step by step live demonstrations including tips and tricks


    9:30 - 16:30

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    09:00-09:30        Registration
    09:30-10:00        Introduction

    10:00-10:15        Pre-discussion Hands-on - Part I

    10:15-11:00        Hands-on skillslab -  Part I

    11:00-11:15        Coffee break

    11:15-12:30        Hands-on skillslab - Part I

    12:30-13:30        Lunch

    13:30-13:45        Pre-discussion Hands-on - Part II

    13:45-15:45        Hands-on skillslab - Part II

    15:45-16:30        Discussion & Drinks


    Dr. Walter Dias & Drs. Sjoerd Bakker


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