Are you ready for Open Access Publishing?

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Open access publishing is a concious choice for some researchers. They like to contribute to transparency and openness in science or maybe they want to make their research visible to the whole community. For other researchers, open access publishing may simply be required by their funder. Public funders such as the NWO, ZON-MW or Horizon aim at 100% open access from 2021 onwards. In the future, open access may also be part of research assessment. So as a researcher, you need to be ready.

More information can be found on the website of the Central Medical Library.

  • Doelgroep



    After this workshop you will have the tools to find out the open access possibilities for every journal. You will also know how to deal with the costs of open access publishing.

  • Programma

    In this workshop you will learn about the context of the open access publishing (policies), types of open access, quality aspects and most importantly, you will receive many useful tips and tricks for Open Access publishing.

    Dutch or English, depending on the participants.

  • Kosten

    Voor UMCG-medewerkers en studenten zijn er geen kosten aan deelname verbonden.

  • Centrale Medische Bibliotheek
    Karin Sijtsma (e) [email protected]